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Flooring installation services from Lambert Floors

Your remodeling project will go smoothly with less stress with a professional flooring installation. While the prospect of getting new floors is exciting, it can also be difficult. It means that there is a lot to do, from shopping and selecting the right materials to clearing the space. It can get overwhelming. You've made an investment in your floor; the installation is just as important. You want professionals from Lambert Floors to make sure that your installation is done right.

We service all kinds of floors including:
  • Carpet
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Wood floors
  • Laminate floors

What you need to do to prepare for the installation

You've done your homework, asked the questions, answered the expert’s questions and selected the product. It's not quite time to leave it to the experts yet though.

There are still a few things for you to do to prepare for the installation:
  • Watch your children and pets. You love them, we love them but we don't love them while we are working on your installation. While they are adorable and cute, they are also quick and mischievous. We are working with heavy tools etc. and while we are very experienced at safety precautions, unexpected activity from children or pets could result in an accident. So please keep everyone safe and keep children and pets away from the area.
  • Create alternative living spaces. While your floors are being done, you will not be able to use the room. This may mean making alternate arrangements. If you are replacing the floors in your bedroom, you may need to sleep in another bedroom or it may mean camping out in the living room. Bathrooms and kitchens also must be worked around. An extra bathroom is a huge help, or perhaps a neighbor can let you use their bathroom while yours is out of commission. The kitchen is difficult as well, so plan on having alternate cooking area or eat out while you are under construction.
  • Make sure that someone is available to let in the installers in and answer any questions that may arise. This may mean taking some time off work, so please make the arrangements ahead of time. It will help make your installation smoother and quicker.
  • Ask questions. We know this is a new process for you and there are a lot of questions. We are here for you every step of the way to help you. We will answer all your questions so that you can feel prepared and comfortable with the installation process.

You've made the investment in your floor; make sure the project is completed properly with a professional installation. We value your floor as much as you do and want to make sure that the installation is perfect.