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Free in-home estimate from Lambert & Sons Floor Covering is the right choice

Once you decide to purchase new flooring, you also need to consider installation and that means you need a free in-home estimate. The most important piece of information you need is how much space you need to cover and how much product you need to cover the desired space. While measuring may seem easy, it is also very easy to make a mistake. A mistake here could cost you dearly in time, money and aggravation. The best way to avoid any problems is to use our free in-home estimate service. The old adage is measure twice, cut once. Let our experts do the measure and save you the hassle.

Why do you need an in home estimate?

Does an inch really make a difference? The answer is yes. Your measurement may be off by a couple inches. As someone who is new to measuring for flooring estimates, you may make a mistake. Maybe you mix up the numbers. In long rooms, your tape measure may not be long enough and you have to have a new starting point. This is a great way for a mistake to be made and an estimate will be inaccurate.

There are a lot of other elements to consider with a free in-home estimate by professionals:
  • Wrong measurements can lead to many other problems. Surplus product could be ordered which is wasted money. If the mistake is the other way and not enough is ordered then it will mean a delay in your project while you wait for the delivery.That could extend your project several weeks, which could lead to a lot of strife and aggravation in your home.
  • Every home has “hiccups”. Rooms that aren't straight, stairs, unconventional flooring transitions, fireplaces or other issues that may be difficult to measure. Other areas like closets, entries and doorways are often overlooked. The flooring change could mean that doors need to be adjusted to accommodate the new height.
Our experts have had years of training and the proper tools to get an accurate measurement and give you an estimate that is correct.They know what to look for and will make note of any problems. They know how to compensate for issues and include it in the estimate.

Lambert & Sons Floor Covering has free in-home estimates so you can be confident in your budget projections and that the job will be done correctly and accurately. Visit our store in Campbell, CA or call us to take the headache out of your project by getting your free in-home estimate from Lambert & Sons Floor Covering.